MS-S200 Syringe Pump

MS-S200 Syringe Pump

Large&Colourfull LCD Display

History Records

Rs232 interface

Adjustable buzzer volume

Anti-bolus function

Various Visual and audible alarms

90°rotatable pole clamp convenient for horizontal bar&Vertical IV pole

Unique syringe intelligent recognization technoloy

Dynamically display the pressure

Double CUP ensuring safe infusion



Infusion Mode:

Rate mode,time mode,dose mode optional:intermittent infusion mode,Drug libratry mode

Applicable syringes:Various brands of sterile syringes:5ml,10ml,20ml,30ml,50ml/60ml

Syringe accuracy:±2%(after syringe correct calibration

Infusion Rate:

5 ml Syringe:0.1-150ml/h

10ml Syringe:0.2-300ml/h

20ml Syringe:0.1-600ml/h

30ml Syringe:0.1-900ML/h

50ml Syringe:0.1-1500ml/h

Volume to be infused:0~1000ml

Volume infused:0~9999.9ml

KVO Rate:0.1~2ml/h adjustable;Default value:0.1ml/h

Bolus Rate:

5ml Syringe:100~150ml/h

10ml Syringe:100-300ml/h

20ml Syringe:100-600ml/h

30ml Syringe:100-900ml/h

50ml Syringe:100-1500ml/h


Infusion completion,empty,Occlusion,near completion,Low Battery,Syringe Disengaged,No Acpower supply,Battery exhausted,Malfuncion etc

Power Supply:DC:12±1.2V;AC:100~240V,50/60Hz

Power Consumption:25VA

Nurse Call Alarm:Optional



Waterproof Level:IPx3

Occlusion Pressure: 40~160kPa

Battery:Li_Polymer 7.4V 1900mAh,Recharge Time:10h with power on,3h with power off

Operation Conditions:

Temperature:5~40;Relative humidity:10~95%;Atmosphere pressure:50~106kPa

Storage Conditions:

Temperature:-20~45;Relative humidity:10~95%;Atmosphere pressure:50~106kPa