MS-600B Anesthesia Machine

MS-600B Anesthesia Machine

Special Feature:

*10.4” TFT screen(Sharp Brand),all parameters are clearly showed

*Metal frame,with plastic spray,durable and lasting

*Double vaporizer station

*Classical flowmeter of 4 tubes,with O2 /N2O linkage device

*Could be easily upgraded with function:eg adding multi-pareameter Monitor,CO2 Monitor,AMIS  system

*Use advanced differential pressure sensor(Honeyweel brand) to monitor tidal volume.The sensor probe is built inside the absorber,so as to avoid the affect of water vapor on tidal volume and improve the accuracy.

Technical Parameter

*Patient Type:Adult,Pediatric

*Driven Mode:Pneumatically driven and electronically controlled

*Respiration Mode:IPPV,SIMV,Sign,Manual,Standby

*Tidal Volume:50~1600ml

*Respiratory frequency:1~65bpm

*I:E Ration:4:1~1:4

*Pressure Setting:1~60cm H2O

*Trigger Pressure:-20~20m H2O’

*Inspiration Plateau:0~55% Ti


*Working Mode:Semi~Open,Semi~Closed or Closed Sytem

*Gas Supply Pressure: O2:0.27Mpa~0.55Mpa;N2O:0.27Mpa~0.55Mpa

Safety Function

*When airway pressure reach 6kPa,APL valve will automatically realese gas

*When airway pressure reach 6kPa,the bellows will stop sending gas to patient

*Alarm Paremeter(Audiable and /or visual signal):

·Airway pressure high/low limit

·Fi O2  high/low limit

·Minute Ventilation Alarm

·Low O2  supply pressure(when O2  supply pressure is lower than 0.15Mpa will arouse audiable alarm)

·N2O automatic cutoff alarm

*Monitoring Parameters(Under Manual and Ventilation):

·Tidal Volume · Respiratory Frequency·Minute Ventilation

·Airway Pressure·Inspiration Plateau ·Respiration Mode·Fi O2

Electrical Specification


*Battery:12V DC,minimum 120 min(If with)

*Power Consumption≤50W



*Yoke Device *Patient Monitor*CO2  Monitor*AMIS*AGSS*Circle absorber heating function