MS-600G Anesthesia Machine

MS-600G Anesthesia Machine

Special Feature:

*5.5”SNT screen,two vaveforms are showed at the same time

*Aluminium alloy frame,durable and elegant

*Double vaporizer station,selectatec compatible

*Independent anesthesia ventilator,could be driven by medical air

*Classical flowmeter of 4 tubes,with O2/N2O linkage device

*Linear Design,could be easily upgraded with functions:eg Adding Multi-Parameter Monitor,CO2 Monitor,AMIS System

*Wrking Mode:Semi~Open,Semi~Closed or Closed System

*Gas Supply Pressure:O2:0.27Mpa~0.55Mpa;N2O:0.27Mpa~0.55Mpa

*Flow Meter:

4Tube:2xO2 Tube,2xN2O Tube;

O2 Tube:0L/min~1L/min~10L/min,

N2O Tube: 0L/min~1L/min~10L/min

O2 and N2O linkage device,keep oxygen concentration not lower than 25%

*Oxygen Flush:25L/min~75L/min

Safety Function:

*When airway pressure reach 6kPa,APL valve will automatically release gas

*When airway pressure reach 6kPa,the Bellows will stop sending gas to patient

*Monitoring parameters(Under Manual and Ventilation):

·Tidal Volume ·Minute Ventilation·Airway Pressure ·Respiration mode·FiO2(Optional)

*Alarm Parameters(Audible and/or visual signal):

·Airway pressure high/low limit

·FiO2 high/low limit

·Low O2 Supply Pressure(when O2 Supply Pressure is over 0.15Mpa,will arouse audio alarm)

·N2O automatic cutoff Alarm

Anesthesia Ventilator:

*Patient Type:Adult,Pediatric

*Driven Mode:Pneumatically driven and Electronically Controlled

*Respiration mode:IPPV,SIMV,SIGN,MANUAL

*Tidal Volume:50~1600ml

*Respiratory Frequency 1~65bpm

*I:E Ratio:8:1~1:8

*Pressure Setting:1~60cmH2O

*Waveforms(Under manual and Ventilation):P-t,V-t


*Battery:12V DC,Minimum 120 min.(If with)

*Power consumption≤50W

Circle Absorber:

*Upgraded Intergrated Circle Absorber,with twin large volume CO2 canister,high CO2 absorbing efficiency

·With non-return respiratory valve and expiratiory valve on it,avoid gas back flowing.

·With APL valve on it,the airway pressure could be adjusted freely.

·With “Manual/Ventilation”switch on it,easily and quickly change

Anesthesia Vaporizer:

*The agent output is continous,stable and precise

*Automatic compensation for temperature,flow and pressure

*Flow range:0.2~15L/min

*Temperature Range:Operating 15~35

*Agent:Halothane,Enflurane,Isoflurane,Servofluane for choice


Yoke Device,Patient Monitor,CO2 Monitor AMIS,AGSS,FiO2