MS-600HB Anesthesia Machine

MS-600HB  Anesthesia Machine

Specifal Feature

*High ligt LED display

*Metal Frame with plastic spray technique,durable and lasting

*Independent Anesthesia Ventilator,could be driven by medical air

*Classical flowmeter of 2 tubes

*Integrated circule absorber,classical and practical

Safety Function

*When airway pressure reach 6 kPa,APL valve will automatically release gas

*When airway pressure reach 6kPa,the bellows will stop sending gas to patient

*Monitoring parameters(Under Manual and Ventilation):

·Tidal Volume

·Minute ventilation

·I:E Ratio

*Alarm Parameters(Audible and/or visual signal):

·Tidal volume high/low limit

·Minute Ventilation high/low limit

·Low O2 supply Pressure(When O2 Supply Pressure is lower than 0.15Mpa,will arouse audible alarm)

·N2O automatic Cut Off Alarm

*Working Mode:Semi~Pen,Semi~Closed or Closed System

*Gas Supply Pressure


·N2O: 0.27Mpa~0.55Mpa

*Flow Meter

· 2 tube:1x O2tube,1xN2O tube

·O2 tube:0L/Min~10L/min

·N2O tube: 0L/Min~10L/min

·O2 and N2O linkage Device,keep oxygen concentration not lower than 25%

·Oxygen flush:25L/min~75L/min

Anesthesia Ventilator

*Respiration Mode:IPPV,Manual

*Tidal Volume:50~1600ml

*Respiratiory frequency:1~90bpm

*I:E Ration:4:1~1:6

Anesthesia Vapirizer

*Economic Anesthesia Vaporizer

*Fixing with Anesthesia Machine

*Agent:Isoflurane,Enflurane for Choice

Electrical Specification


*Power consumption:≤50W