MS-ELC3x5A  LED Shadowless Operating Lamp(Adust Color Temperature)


Uniform,homogeneous lighting in surface and deep cavity procedures.

Our ergonomic, sterile operating concept allows for the simple and flexible control of all functions by the surgical team.

Almost unlimited LED life expectancy delivers tremendous product reliability and investment protection.

Environmentally proactive: low power consumption and durable LEDs minimize the impact on our precious resources.

Technical Data:

Illuminance:LED3:≥100,000Lux / LED5:≥140,000Lux

Colour temperature:3500±200K/4000±200K ; 4500±200K/5000±200K

Colour reduction index(Ra):96

Total irradiance:LED3:380W/m² ;LED5:510W/m²

Size of light field:200~350mm

Service life of illuminant:30,000h          

Power supply voltage:AC110-240v,50/60Hz

Lowest height of installation:2900mm


1 piece in a carton: 113*109*45cm

GW:28kg NW:20kg                                      

1 piece in a carton: 104*97*44cm

GW:36kg NW:27kg              

1 piece in a wooden case: 122*42*85cm

GW:81kg NW:70kg