MS-EDC3x5  LED Shadowless Operating Lamp


Excellent cold light:adopting LED as light source,without temperature rising.

Excellent daylight quality and CRI meet the illumination needs of the doctors.

Excellent lighting effect:unique optical system,homogenous light spot,high-definition.

Brightness Adjustment:Micro computer digital control,with 8 shifts luminance for selection and it offers illuminance memory funcition and wide voltage working speciality.

Technical Data:


Colour temperature:4800±200K

Colour reduction index(Ra):96      

Illuminance depth:1050mm

Total irradiance:LED3:310W/m²;LED5:480W/m²

Size of light field:120~240mm                  

lamp  head diameter:500mm/550mm       

Rated power of bulb:3.2V/1W

Service life of illuminant:30,000h         

Power supply voltage:AC110-240v,50/60Hz

Lowest height of installation:2900mm


1 piece in a carton: 80*81*36cm

GW:16kg NW:10kg                           

1 piece in a carton: 91*92*37cm

GW:21kg NW:14kg           

1 piece in a wooden case:122*43*72cm

GW:65kg NW:50kg