MS-CDC9 Cold light operating lamp


Equiped with professional built-in balancer,make it stable and reliable.Streamline outline has low coefficent of air damping,can be used to in demanding pruification operation room.Suitable illumninace and color temperature,supply premier optical performance.This product is made of premier aluminium-alloy material,the positioning of the lamp  head is easier and flexible.The electrical system are separate,which increase the reliability of this lamp .

Technical Data:


Colour temperature:4000±500K

Size of light field:160~220mm

Illuminance depth:≥600mm

Total irradianc:718W/m²

Rated power of bulb:24V/25W

Power supply voltage:220V/50Hz

Rated power:240W

Lowest height of installation:2900mm

Bulb:Cold light source


1 piece in a wooden case:114*114*43cm

GW:38kg NW:21kg

1 piece in a wooden case:104*43*57cm

GW:48kg NW:38kg