MS-8000B Hemodialysis Machine

Main technical parameter

1.Volume (length× width ×height):370mm×340mm ×1570mm

2.Weight: about 90kg

3.Power supply voltage: AC220V±10%  Frequency: 50HZ ~ 60 HZ Power: 1500W

4..Blood pump/spare pump: Flux: 15 ~ 340ml/min (Ф 6mm)  20 ~ 460 ml/min (Ф 8mm)

5. Heparin pump: Flux: 0.1ml/h~10ml/h(±5%)  Precise: 0.1ml/h

Injector size: 20ml/30ml/50ml 10ml/20ml/30ml (selectable)

8. Arterial pressure:

display scope:-300mmHg~+300mmHg(±10mmHg)

9. Venous pressure:display scope:-50mmHg~+300mmHg(±10mmHg)

10. Dialysate flow: 300ml/min~800ml/min linearity adjustable (+10%) (-5%)


·Resolving rate:0.1°C

Conductivity:13mS/cm~15.5mS/cm (±0.1 mS/cm)

11. UF flow scope: 0~1800ml/h(±30ml/h ) 0~4000ml/h(optional)

12. ISO UF flow scope:0~2000ml/h(±30ml/h)

13. TMP Scope:-100mmHg~+600mmHg(±20mmHg)

14. Blood leakage monitor: over 1ml blood per liter dialysate(flow:500ml/min)

15. Blood level monitor: ultrasonic sensor

Air bubble monitor:

Infrared and response threshold value:

Single air bubble of 200 и I exists when Blood flux is 200ml/min

16. Inflow pressure:0MPa~0.6MPa

17. Inflow temperature: 5°C~30°C

18. Environment temperature: 10°C~30°C  Relative humidity≤70%

19. Rinse/disinfection: chemical disinfection (citric acid,peracetic acid and oxalic acid)

20. Hot rinse: 80°C

21.Back-up power supply: last for 15-30min after electric-cut.



1) Can be used in some combination therapy ie. dual plasma adsorption, ascites reinfusion, immune proteins adsorbed and it is quite common used in some special therapy.

2) Can be used in hemoperfusion, seperate plasma exchange and also applies in emergency case.

3) Convenient for patient to change another hand to do treatment and if the length is not long enough, the spare pump can be available for treatment

4) Solution injection/ rehydration.If some patient would like to inject some calcium, Iron etc duing treatment, the spare pump can also be used.

5) If necessary, the spare pump can be adjusted for children's treatment.

6)Be applicable of hemodialysis treatment,hemoperfusion,Plasma Exchange,Pure ultrafiltration project.

7)Touch screen was equipped and it can show Naand UF profiles;In addition,the functions ie.backup power supply, Kt/V,HC adjustment,single needle,acetate treatment,pyrogen filter port and net connection ect.are optional.

Clinical Application

Hemodialysis Therapy:

Mainly suitable for all kinds of acute and chronic kidney failure patient.

Pure ultrafiltration Therapy:

Mainly suitable for patients with excessive water stored in the body due to acute,chronic kidney failure or incomplete heart function.

Hemoperfusion Therapy:

Mainly applies in the acute drug poisoning.Patients whose condition still continue worsening after some rescue measures such as  gastric lavage,catharsis,infusion and forced diuresis should consider this therapy, especially those accompanied by the brain function barrier or stuper,liver and kidney function barrier,old patients whose tissue protein is highly combined with medicine and metabolite(such as organic phosphorus agricultural chemicals),and who takes medicine oversized which had achieved the toxicant lethal dosedensity or exceed 30% of their own elimination ability are also suitable for hemoperfusion therapy.

Plasma exchange Therapy:

Mainly suitable for the immunity diseases;acute nephritis,lupous nephritis,frequent myeloma nephrosis, serious myasthenia,acute liver function failure,thyroid gland crisis,ethnic hypercholesterolemia, HVS, acute-chronic rejection prior to/after kidney transplant,transplant recurs nephritis,acute demyelination multimental illness(Grimm Bari syndrome),selfimmunity hemolytic anemia,selfimmunity blood platelet reduced purpura, hemolytic uremia syndrome,the cold globin proteinemia, yellow hepatatrophia.

Na+and UF profiling:

Be applicable for reducing the cases during dialysis treatment such as low/high pressure,muscle convulsion, headache,nausea,vomit ect.

Kt/V function:

The sufficiency of dialysis can be reflected by Kt/V.

HCO3ˉ adjustment function:

Be applicable for sericous acid toxicosis patient.

Be capable to calibrate the acid toxicosis status according to patient's state of illness.

Backup power-supply:

It can last for 15-30 minutes after power cut off.

Pyrogen filter port:

Completely filtrating the remained bacteria and endotoxin.(optional)

Net connection:

One computer can audit and control the treatment of maximum 20 units hemodialysis machine (optional)