MS-400B Ophthalmic& Orthopedic Microscope

MS-400B Ophthalmic& Orthopedic Microscope


This model is developed mainly for the anastomosis of capillary and nerves in surgical micro-operations of ophthalmology,orthopedics, hand surgery, orthopedic surgery and gyneecology,
lt can also be used for experiments on animals, It can be widely used in surgical micro-operations and for experiments on animals,is a medical, optical instrument with excellent quality and a reasonable price.


*Clear imageries strong stereoscopic visual sense.
*For two doctors to observe one light stream together.
*Hand-mirror provided for three persons to operate together.
*Wide visual angle Coaxial cold light source bright and clear in depth.

Optical Features:

Large Objective LensOperation Distance(mm)Magnification(X)Field Visual(mm)
Assist Scope F'=200192.744X52