Model:MS-9000D Fully Digital Ultrasound Unit

MS-9000D Fully Digital Ultrasound Machine
Adopts advanced DEU Technology,Applying numeric coding and decoding techonlogy to transmit and receive ultrasound signal.
This system is widely applied to clinic examine and diagonose on abdomen, gynecology,obsterics, heart, organelle urology, etc.
Real face to clinical ultrasound diagnosisi
Fully meet the need of the most practical cinical functions
Silica gel key baoard with Back lighting
Printout,USB,RS232 interfaces
Simplify the complex operatiing process
All the measurements can be done easily through tracing ball
With solution of updatable system
One hundread thousand image hard disk memory function
Optional workstation,3D softaware,recorder

Advanced digital imaging technology
DBF digital wave-beam forming technology
DFS dynamic frequency scanning technology
DRF point by point real-time dynamic receiving focus technology
RDA real-time dynamic aperture imaging technology
DRA real-time dynamic sound-beam track-changing technology

Super-wide system frequency band and three frequency conversion probe techonology
Super-wide system frequency band and dynamic range
Widely used,image sharp,full and distinct super wilde three frequency conversion probe and multi-sections probe frequency conversion control techonoloy
Realize the best resolution and penetration in a same image

Main Technique Index
Widely used probe group-scanning angle variable
Applicable in abdomen,urineation,gynecology and obsterics,organelle, intra-cavity, puncturing, operation and heart, ect

Main Technique Index
1.Scanning mode:Convex/linear of electronics
2.Display Mode:B,B/B,B/M,M
3.Probe: Multi-frequency convex R20mm/R40mm/R60mm
        Multi-frequency Intra-cavity R13mm/R18mm/
        High-frequency linear array
4.Monitor:15inches color monitor scanning line by line
5.Gray scale:256 levels
6.Cine-loop: ≥128 frame,bidirectional cine-loop,loop piece by piece,display 4 pieces one time
7.Image resolution:Convex/Linear array with winding function,over 4 levels part magnification function
8.Gain adjustment:8 sections STC again adjustment
9.Routine measurement:Distance,perimeter,area,volume,proportion,angle,time interval, slope, heart rate,       etc
10.Software measurement:heart,obstetric,gynecology,urology
11.Handling of image:Over 4 dynamic focusing,Grammma correct,pre-handlling,frame correlated,line   correlated post-handlling,up/below turn,left/right turn,polarity turn,depth upgrade,edges strengthen.
12.Character presentation:Input date,time,patent data,doctor and hospital name,frequency and mark of probe(turing),bogdy marks,image depth,frame frequency,magnification,calculation and measurement value,full screen character editing,image and character annotation and etc
13.Puncturing gulde function,can proof the position of puncturing trhead

Standard unit:
Main unit+2.0/3.5/5.0MHz Multi-frequency convex probe,15 inches SVGA monitor, USB2.0 port

5.0-7.0MHz high frequency linear probe, trans-vaginal probe, rectal probe,
2.0/3.5MHz heart probe and etc, image record instrument, cine-loop card