MS-F930 Infusion Pump

MS-F930 Infusion Pump

Functions & Features
1.Four kinds of modes: Rate mode, Time mode, Body Weight mode, Drop Counter mode.
2.High-definition Large-screen color LCD, English language interface, making it more easier to operate.


3.Double CPU makes the process of infusion safer and more reliable.
4.Widely application scope of infusion rate, 1ml/h ~2000ml/h.
5.Drop Counter inspection and automatic control, automatic conversion between ml/hour and drop/minute, one-touch switch display.
6.Display of the drug names.
7.With data lock to prevent accidental modification of infusion parameters.
8.Display battery capacity.
9.All standard brands of infusion pipes are applicable, press buttons for selection to achieve accurate, smooth and safe infusion.

Technical parameters

Max. size of outer shell

129mm×150mm×172mm (length×width×height)

Max. weight

<2.2 kg

Power Supply

AC100V~220V, 50Hz~60Hz

Max. power consumption

25VA, work for continuous 4 hours after fully recharged.

Flow rate range


Infusion increment


Bolus rate


Accumulated volume


KVO rate

Adjustable scope: 1.0ml/h~5.0ml/h

Infusion accuracy

+5% (up to +2% after calibration.)

Volume limit

(Initial validity)

0.1ml/h~9999.9ml/h  (“0” for turning off the setting function of the volume limit )

Preset time setting

(Initial validity)

0 ~99 hours 59 minutes

(“0” for turning off the setting function of pre-set)

Battery recharge

Rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, work for 5 hours after being fully recharged (25ml/h)

Applicable infusion pipe

All brands of normal infusion pipes in line with national standard.

Occlusion value

400mmHg~900mmHg, adjustable, graphical display the pressure.

Mode selection

1. Rate mode   2. Time mode    3. Body Weight mode   4. Drop Counter mode

Rate mode

Rate: 1ml/h~2000.0ml/h

Time mode

Volume: 0.1ml~999.9 ml   Time: 1min. ~2000 min.

Body Weight mode

Weight: 0.1kg~300.0kg     Drug: 0.1mg~999.9mg     Volume: 0.1ml~999.9ml

Dose: 0.1~9999.9 (restricted to unit, drug, solution, weight and infusion pipe)

Unit: mg/kg/h, ug/kg/min

Alarm function

Infusion completion, OCCL. (Upper/Down), low voltage, air bubbles, installation error of infusion pipe, door open, abnormal 1, abnormal 2.

Panel instruction info.

Infusion rate, volume limit, accumulated volume, battery capacity, battery charging indicator, AC power connection indicator, infusion completion, OCCL., air bubbles inside the infusion pipe, bed No., pressure value, flow rate, etc.