MS-S200L Ventilator

MS-S200L Ventilator
Physical Specifications
Width:50cm  Depth:46cm  Height: 110cm    Weight: 15Kg

Environmental Specifications
Operating Requirements
Storage/Shipping Requirements
Temperature : 5 to 40

Temperature :20 to 70
Relative Humidity : less than 80%
Relative Humidity : less than 93%
The atmosphere pressure : 70 to 106 kPa
The atmosphere pressure:  70 to 106 kPa

Electrical Specifications And Fuse Specification Information
Input Voltage Requirements
Fuse Quantity : 2
AC Voltage : 220V
±10%  50HZ±2%
Current Rating : 0.8 A
Power : 170 VA
Voltage Rating : 250 Volts
Battery : >8h
Type : 5*20 mm RT

Output Voltage Specification Information
AC Voltage : 220V+/-10%
Frequency : 50HZ+/-2%
Power : 130VA

Pneumatic Specifications
Oxygen Inlet
Pressurized Oxygen : 0.28~0.6 MPa medical oxygen

IEC Classification
Ordinary equipment, not protected against the ingress of liquids Not protected/Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetic gases
Class I, Type B

Performance Specification
Power: ON/OFF
Tidal Volume: 0~2000ml
Breath Rate : 1~100 bpm
O2 %: 40~100%
Inspiratory Time : 0.3~6sec
Trigger Level :-20~20hpa
Over Pressure Relief :less than 60hpa

Alarms and Indicators
High Pressure Alarm Limit : flash, red indicator, can be adjustable
Low Pressure Alarm Limit : Red indicator , can be adjustable
High Minute Volume Alarm Limit : flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable
Low Minute Volume Alarm Limit : flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable
High Rate Alarm Limit : flash, Red indicator, can be adjustable
Apnea interval: 15, 30, 45, 60second  flash, Red indicator
Alarm Silence : 120sec. max
Power:Red indicator
Insp. Phase:Green indicator
Exh. Phase:Green indicator
T.VOL Indicator:Green indicator
MIN. VOL Indicator:Green indicator
PRESSURE Indicator:Green indicator
RATE Indicator : Green indicator

Monitors and Wave Display
Tidal Volume:MIN. Volume
Total Breath Rate
Main Circuit Pressure
Wave Display for Main Circuit Pressure and Tidal Volume

Packing List
Ventilator 1pc
Mobile 1pc
Humidifier 1pc
Breath Circuit 1pc
Manipulators 1pc
Oxygen Pressure Reducer 1pc
Mask 1pc
Lung Simulators 1pc
Hand Book 1pc