MS-S300A Ventilator

MS-S300A Ventilator

Detailed Products Description
10.4 TFT Color Screen;
Compliance and Resistance Monitor;
Durable and Accurate Built-in Flow Sensor;
Backup apnea ventilation

10.4 TFT Color Screen;
Easy setting by navigator wheel knob and touch key;
Flow and Pressure trigger;
Compliance and Resistance Monitor;
Three-Level light and sound alarm,with concise words describing problems;
Advanced built-in electronic Air-Oxygen mixing device;
Durable and accurate built-in flow sensor;
Integrated expiration valuve,easy to be sterilized;
Backup apnea ventilation;

Technical Specifications:
1.Standard hinged arm holder for holding the circuit;
2.10.4” TFT color screen;
3.Facility to measure and display;
a)3 waves-Pressure and Time,Volume and Time,Flow and Time.
b)3 loops-P-V,F-V,with facility of saving of 3 loops for reference..
c)Graphic Display to have automatic scaling facility for waves
d)Status Indicator for Ventilator mode,Battery Life,patient data,alarm settings,clock etc.
4.Trending facility for 72 hours with minimum 5 minutes resolution for recent 24 hours.
5.Automatic compliance & Leakage compensation for circuit and ET tube
6.Following settings for all age groups
a)Tidal Volume
c)Pressure Ramp
d)Respiratory Rate
e)SIMV Respiratory Rate
g)Pressure Support
i)Pause Time
j)Pressure&Flow Trigger
7.Monitoring of the following parameters
a)Airway Pressure(Peak&Mean)
b)Tidal volume(Inspired&Expired)
c)Minute volume(Inspired & Expired)
d)Spontaneous Minute Volume
e)Total Frequency
f)FIO2 dynamic
g)Intrinsic PEEP Volume
h)Plateau Pressure
i)Resistance& Compliance
j)Use Selector Alarms for all measure & monitored parameters
8.Modes of ventilation
a)Volume Controlled
b)Pressure Controlled
c)Pressure Support
d)SIMV(Pressure Control and volume control) with pressure support
f)inverse Ratio Ventilation
9.Apnea/backup ventilation
10.Expiratiory block should be autoclavable and no routine calibration required.
11.Automatic Patient Detection facility preferable
12.Medical Air Compressor.(Optional)
a)Stand-alone Medical Air compressor
b)Snap fit with the Ventilator module to provide an oild free medical air.
c)Peak output flow minimum 160 LPM
d)Air quality comply with ISO Compressed air purity class.
f)Replacement of internal filters performed without remving the compressor
g)Have washable air filter
13.Technical Specifications for reusable face mask & nasal mask.Reusable face & nasal mask with textured dual flap silicone cushion flap for easy fit.Removable forehead support and pad to math the angle of patients foreheand Stability. Selector for easy fit and angle.Ball & Socket Headgear attachments should be autoclavable.
14.Battery back up for minimum 2 Hours.
15.RS232 interface for communications with networked devices.
16.Automatic patient detection facility preferable.

System Configuration Accessories,Spares and Consumables:
1.ICU Ventilator
2.Adult and Pediatric autoclavable silicone breathing circuits
3.(a)Reusable Masks(Small,Medium,Large) with each machine
  (b)All accessories for non invasive ventilation
4.Medical Air Compressor.(Optional)
5.Humidifier-Servo controlled with digital monitoring of inspired gas termperature complete with heating wire

Environmental Facotors:
1.IEC-60601-1-2:2001 Gernaral Requirements of Safety for Electromagnetic Compatibility;
2.Capable of being stored continuously in ambient temperature of 0-50 deg C and relativ humidity of 15-90%
3.Capable of oerating continuously in ambient temperature of 10-40 deg C and relative humidity of 15-90%;

Power Supply:
1.Power input to be 100-240V 50/60Hz
2.Suitable servo controlled Stabilizer/CVT
3.Resettable overcurrent breaker shall be fitted for protection least 2-hour back up with the system.

Standards,Safety and Training:
1.CE approved product
2.Compliant with ANS/IEC60601.2.12-01 Medical Electrical Equipment Part 2-12;Particular Requirements for the Safety of Lung Ventilators Critical care Ventilators
3.Compliant with ISO-7767 for Oxygen monitoring
4.IEC529 Level 3(IP3X)(Spraying water) for enclsoeure protection,water ingress.
5.Demonstration of quoted equipments model.
6.Warranty for 2 years and provision of AMC for next 5 years.
7.Back to back warranty to be taken by us from the principal to supply spares for 10 years.

1.User/Technical/Mainteance manuals to be supplied in English;
2.Certificate of Calibration and Inspection from factory;
3.Support as per manufacturer documentation in service/technical manual
4.List of important spare parts and accessories with their part number and costing.
5.Certificate of calibration and inspection from factory.