MS-P110 Portable Ventilator

MS-P110 Portable Ventilator

Detailed Product Description
Compact portable ventilator
Gas Driven gas controlled
Time Saving,Easy to operate
For Eemergency,emergency transport and ICU

Main Unit
Gas Driven gas controlled
Patient typey:Adult,Pediatric

Ventialtion model:IPPV
Additional function:Suction

Technical Date:
Unite Volume:3 to 20 L/min,Continuous adjustable
Breath Frequency:10 to 35 bpm,continuous adjustable
I:E ration:1:1.5
Oxygen Concentration:100%/60%
Suction Pressure: ≤-50Kpa
Safety Pressure Max: ≤6Kpa
Noise: ≤ 65 DB(A)
Time:≥ 90 min(MV=8L/min,O2=60%)

Standard Accessories
Main unit    1 unit
3L Cylinder  1 unit
Expiratory valve  1 set
1L test bag  1 unit
Mask  1 unit
Suction tube and bottle   1 set
Packing Box  1 unit
1.2m Hose  1unit