MS-600D Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope

MS-600D Ophalmic Surgical Microscope

The model MS-600D operation microscope is our the latest researched product for ophthalmic surgery. Equipped with the parallel optical routeway and with advanced motorized 5-step zoom system. The assistant scope have three ranges of magnification, and it can be installed in right or left within 90°. This instrument may adopt CCD or DC by attachment. Camera and presenting facilities are useful for teaching and storing information. This is the most advanced operation microscope for ophthalmology in domestic markets, and can meet all kinds of ophthtalmic surgery.

*The main adopts 5-step magnification zoom system ,3.5X , 5.4 X ,  8.5X, 13.5X, 21X, its and assistant scopes share the construction of the same light route, and zero degree between them.
*Light systems is equipped with retina protection device, red reflex intensifier, filter of infrared.
*The assistant scopes possess the step magnification of 6X by hand wheel, also, it can revolve round the main scopes within 90°.
*X-Y system with push button, and the moving range of X-Y:40mm.
*Equipped with motorized bending or lifting adjustment construction, it is convenient for doctor to operate the instrument.
*The instrument adopts spring counter balance at every fixed point. the performance is easy and flexible, but stable and reliable.
Optical features: 

Indication Value On Wheel ChangeMagnification(X)Viewing Field(mm)
Assist Scope635.3