Model MS-400D Ophthalmic,E.T.T.&Neurological Microscope

MS-400D Ophthalmic,E.T.T.&Neurological Microscope

This Model is a light multi-function operation microscope It can be used in the operations such as brain surgery, ENT, ophthalmology etc. The optical routeway of the microscope adopts the parallel optical routeway and it has the features of big field depth, wide vision field and uniform illumination.
If necessary, the single ocular teaching scope, camera interface and CCD interface can be chosen. The instrument also is ideal one for animal dissection and microsurgery teaching.

*1.The parallel optical routeway, main scope and assistant scope with single optical routeway.
*2.Optical system has the features of big field depth, wide vision field and lighting equally.
*3.5-level magnification changer:Zooming Ratio:1:6.
*4.Motorized focusing by foot control.
*5.Cold light source illumination, no heating.
*6. Move up and down controlled by Gas spring and easy to move and lock
*7.Gas spring balance stand.
*8.Option:Light distributor, camera interface, CCD inerface and 45° or 0° eyepiece.

*1.Binocular tube focus: 160mm
*2.Eyepiece: 12.5X  wide angle, with visual field adjustment and position   looking
*3.Big objective lens: F: 200, 250, 300, 400mm
*4.Fine focusing range: 40mm
*5.Range of ocular distant: 50~75mm
*6.Tilting range in pitching: -5°~90°
*7.Tilting range in swing:  ±30°
*8.Cold light source: 12V, 100W;Max. brightness:80000Lux
*9.Voltage and frequency of power supply:220V±10%, 50Hz±1Hz
     or 110V±10%, 60Hz±1Hz