MS-600A Orthopedic Surgical Microscope

MS-600A Orthopedic Surgical Microscope

This product is a sort of precision optical instrument which is widely used in medical treatment. It is suitable for carrying out anastomosis of capillary and nerve in different kinds of microsurgeries such as orthopedics, plastic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, hand surgery, It can be used not only for a simultaneous operation of two doctors but for photo graphying, demonstrating and video recording. This is a type of necessary medical  instrument for conductiong clinical operation teaching and researching in thefield of microsurgery.

1.A continuous multuiplied optical system is used so the formation of image is clear with a better   stereosensibility and a wide field of vision.
2.This instrument is equipped with three different large objective lenses with different focal  lengths so that it  has three different working distances satisfying operations of various depths.
3.A cold coaxial inner illuminative a system is adopted  to the light is well distributed and suitable for deep operation.
4.A foot control motorized X-Y coupling is employed within a range of 40mm.
5.The stand applies a new equilibrium structure It can be adjusted up and down,left and fight, balanced at any point with  the advantages of being light, flexble stable and raliable.

Optional part:

Beam splitter, single ocular teaching scope, double binocular, intergrated