MS-540D Digital Slit Lamp

MS-540D Digital Slit Lamp
The product can easily capture sharp digital photos of the cornea, sclera, anterior chamber, iris, lens, retina and so on.

Detailed profile

•What doctors see from eyepieces is showed synchronously on camera display screen, which is very convenient for the doctors to capture the best and clearest pictures.
•Photos taken by the 12.4 megapixel camera.
•Background illumination specifically designed for darkroom environment.
•Fine photos immediately taken by the button on joystick.
•Honored “China Top Brand “for its excellent optics.

Microscope Type

Galilean stereoscopic microscope


five-step drum magnifications

Eye Piece


Magnification Ratio

(Field of View)

6 x (Æ33)  10x(Æ22.5)  16x (Æ14)   25´ (Æ8.8)  40´(Æ5.5)

Range og Pupil Distance

45 mm~75 mm

Adjustment of Diopter


Slit Width

0mm~14mm adjustable(slit is round when the slit width is 14mm)

Slit Height

1mm~14mm adjustable

Slit Angle

0°~180° adjustable

Light Spot Diameter

φ14mm, φ10mm, φ5mm, φ2mm, φ1mm, φ0.2mm

Slit Inclination

5°, 10°, 15, 20°


heat absorption,grey,redfree,cobalt blue

Illumination Bulb

12v30w halogen bulb

Maximal Illuminance

≥280000 Lx

Preceding Mirror

- 58.7D

Image Collection Medium

Single Lens Glistening Camera

Static Pixel

12.4 megapixel

Illuminations Type of Filming

Background Light

Display Type


Optional Accessories

Applanation Tonometer, Trihedron lens, Gonioscope, Funduscope, Aspheric Lens