MS-540 Slit Lamp

MS-540 Slit Lamp
The product is the mainstream type in market with excellent performance and high quality.

Detailed profile

Galilean stereoscopic microscope provides the practitioner with unsurpassed image clarity and sharpness and avoid double images.
・Optical lens are made of imported material, which effectively reduce the optical aberration and improve the clarity and depth of the field.

Optical lens are all moistureproof, mildewproof and anti-reflective.
・Excellent optical performance and long service life.

・Five-step drum magnifications for eyepiece. Blood flowing of sclera vein could be observed with the 40x magnification.

・Moving part is operated comfortablely and smoothly.

・All the interfaces can be connected with accessories conforming to international standard(See optional accessories).


Microscope Type

Galilean stereoscopic microscope


Five-step drum magnifications



Magnification RatioField of View              


Range of Pupil Distancemm                                           


Adjustment of Diopter      

- 5D~+3D

Slit Widthmm    

0~9 adjustableSlit is round when silt width is 9mm

Slit Heightmm  

1~8 adjustable

Slit Angle                                 


Slit Inclination

, 10°, 15°, 20°

Aperture Diametermm        

φ9, φ8, φ5, φ3, φ2, φ1, φ0.2


Heat absorption, grey, redfree, cobalt blue

Illumination Bulb

12V/30W halogen bulb

Maximal Illuminance

≥230000 Lx

Optional Accessories

Applanation Tonometer(R type and T type), Measuring Eyepiece, Trihedron lens, Gonioscope(single side lens or four sides lens),Funduscope,Aspheric Lens,Teaching Eqiupment