MS-TE280 Electric Operation Table

MS-TE280 Electric Operation Table

This electric Operation Table can be used in almost all kinds of operations including orthopedics,otology,gynecology,uroogy and etc. Side column support,with the help of C-arm,the table can be transmitted X-ray in large areas.It is equipped iwth built-in Kinney section.The table can be easily adjusted for different operations such as neck,lumber,and chine operations.Its rasing,lowring folding of back section,,lateral tilt,reversed trendelenburg and trendelenburg are all controlled by electric hydraulic system.

Technical Parameters

Dimension of table top

Overall Length:2100mm


Table top of from floor

Max Height:950mm

Min Height:700mm


Range of sections

Reversed Trendelenburg:≥20°


Lateral Tilt:≥15°

Dimension of section

Head Section:250×500mm

Kidney Bridge:75×500mm

Back Section:465×500mm

Seat Section:450×500mm

Leg Section:600×240mm

Foot Section:180×273mm

Adjust of movements

Head Section Raised from the horizontal:≥45°

Head Section lowered from the horizontal:≥90°

Back Section Raised from the horizontal:≥75°

Back Section lowered from the horizontal:≥5°

Leg Section lowered from the horizontal:≥90°

Leg section opened:≥90°