MS-F700 Infusion Pump

MS-F700 Infusion Pump


1.3.5 TFT LCD Touch Screen

2. Rate mode, Drip mode, Micro mode

3. drug library without

4. Support a wide variety brands of infusion set

5. Infusion accuracy  ±5%

6. Flow rate range 0.1-1200ml/h

7. Bolus rate 300-1200ml/h

8. KVO rate 1-5ml/h

9. 2000 history records storage

10. multi Visual and audible alarms system

11.unique heating function


Flow Rate range 0.1~1200ml/h Micro model:0.1~99.9ml/hr in 0.1 ml increments

Infusion Mode: Rate Mode,Drip Mode,time mode,body weight mode Optional:intermittent infusion mode,Durg library mode

Volume to be infused: 0~9999ml

Volume infused: 0~36000ml

Infusion accuracy: ±5%

Applicable insuion set: Support a wide variety brands of insuion set

KVO rate: 1~5ml/h

Bolus rate: 300~1200ml/h

Purge: 600ml/h

Air bubble detection: Ultrasound sensor detection with four levels of air in line alarm adjustable

Occlusion pressure: 3 adjustable occlusion pressure setting:low,middle and high

Alarms: Visual & audible alarms:Door Open,Air-In-Line,Occlusion,Infusion completion,

Infusion close to finish,Start reminder function,Low Battery,Battery depleted,Malfunction and etc.

Compluter interface: RS232(Optional)

History Records: 1300 records

Power Supply:AC: 100~240V,50/60Hz DC:12V±1V

Battery recharge time: 10h with poer on,3h with power off

Power consumption: 25VA

Mode of operation: Continuous

Dimensions: 145x100x120mm(LxWxH); Weight: 1.4kg



Storage Conditions:Temperature:

-5~+45,Relative Humidity:10~95%,Atmosphere Pressure:50~106kPa